Aim of the Conference

The new Land Transfer Act 2017 (LTA 2017) comes into force later in 2018. It replaces the Land Transfer Act 1952, which has governed land ownership and transactions in New Zealand for over 65 years. The Torrens system is also used in Australia, some Canadian provinces, some states in the US, the UK (in a modified form), and in a number of other jurisdictions.

The 2017 Act introduces significant reforms that will have a significant impact on land law in New Zealand. The Conference is intended to provide a high-level authoritative forum for analysis of the content and effect of the LTA 2017, and its specific impacts in the practice of property law, and judicial decision-making in New Zealand. It will also include international speakers who will provide commentary on registration systems in other jurisdictions that share similarities with New Zealand. Experiences of recent reforms in those jurisdictions will provide useful perspective as the new legislation beds in, and in contemplating future law reform possibilities.

The Conference has the support of the New Zealand Law Foundation, and is being managed by the University of Auckland Events Services.


Topics to be covered

The conference will run over two full days covering the following main themes:

  • A review of recent developments in the Torrens system including developments in title registration systems in New Zealand, and other jurisdictions including Australia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland and England.
  • The structure, content and effect of the LTA 2017, including its effect on the creation, security and transferability of real property rights and interests.
  • Future developments and reforms, including the possible impact of the LTA 2017 reforms in New Zealand, and in other Torrens and common law jurisdictions.


Organising Committee
  • Professor David Grinlinton, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland (Chair)
  • Professor Andrew Stockley, Dean of Law, University of Auckland
  • Professor Liz Toomey, Faculty of Law, University of Canterbury
  • Associate Professor Rod Thomas, Law School, AUT University
  • Sarah Davidson, Group Services, Faculty of Law, University of Auckland


Conference to be held at the University of Auckland from 29 – 31 August 2018






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